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New York City Plans Beach in Manhattan near Brooklyn Bridge

Manhattan, an island with miles of waterfront, will finally get its own beach. Just minutes from Wall Street, the Empire State Building and other landmarks that define New York City, a playground of sand and surf will be created out of a strip of fenced-off wasteland in the southern tip of the island...

August 1, 2013

The Dawn of Solar Power

Viable solar energy has been a long-sought after goal, but with new and affordable technologies, we might soon be able to make the switch

August 1, 2013

Poland to Get Dirtier as It Leans toward Lignite Coal

By Agnieszka Barteczko and Henning Gloystein WARSAW/LONDON (Reuters) - Poland, one of the heaviest polluters in Europe, will become even dirtier now that its shale gas ambitions have faded and it turns to cheap domestic lignite coal to secure its energy supply...

July 31, 2013

Thai Oil Spill Having "Extreme" Impact on Tourism

An oil spill that has blackened beaches at a Thai holiday island was having an extreme impact on tourism and could spread to the coast of the mainland and affect the fishing industry, officials and an environmental group said on Tuesday...

July 30, 2013
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