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Future of Manufacturing

When we are unable to find what we need in nature, we make it. This in-depth report examines new technologies, materials and methods shaping the future of fabrication

April 22, 2013

What Causes Fertilizer Explosions?

Ammonium nitrate, frequently added to improve a fertilizer's nitrogen content, is relatively stable under most conditions. If it comes into contact with an ignition source, however, it explodes violently, decomposing rapidly into two gases...

April 18, 2013 — Marc Lallanilla and LiveScience

Texas Explosion Echoes Worst Industrial Accident Ever

The West, Texas, fertilizer plant explosion on April 17 echoes an April 16, 1947, event when a ship loaded with ammonium nitrate, also a chemical fertilizer, docked at the Port of Texas City erupted in flames and exploded, killing nearly 600 people...

April 18, 2013 — Stephanie Pappas and LiveScience

Can Evolution Beat Climate Change?

The purple sea urchin may be able to evolve to cope with ocean acidification, but that does not mean other species will be able to mimic the trick

April 15, 2013 — David Biello

Ecotourism Can Be Animals' Pet Peeve

Stingrays that interact with humans at an interactive tourism area change their normal activity patterns and interact with each other more aggressively than animals not dealing with people...

April 12, 2013
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