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Clash: Sir Nicholas Stern

Sir Nicholas Stern is an economist and professor of economics and government at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Former chief economist for the World Bank, he prepared the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change for the British government in 2006...

November 26, 2007 — David Biello

Making Carbon Markets Work

Limiting climate change without damaging the world economy depends on stronger and smarter market signals to regulate carbon dioxide
* Supplement: Extended version

November 19, 2007 — David G. Victor and Danny Cullenward

Need For New Nukes?; and News From Neuroscience

In this episode, Scientific American's David Biello discusses his article on nuclear weaponry in the November issue of the magazine. And Scientific American Mind's Karen Schrock talks about some of the highlights of the Neuroscience 2007 conference that she attended last week in San Diego...

November 14, 2007 — Steve Mirsky

Wildfire to Wildlife: Get Lost

In a scene worthy of Bambi, a coyote makes itself scarce just a few hours before fire ravages this dry creek bed on El Toro Marine Base between Los Angeles and San Diego.

November 7, 2007

Quest for the Giant Pumpkin

In this episode, journalist Susan Warren, author of the new book Backyard Giants, talks about the art and science involved in the Quixotic quest to grow the world's biggest pumpkins. Plus we'll test your knowledge of some recent science in the news...

October 31, 2007 — Steve Mirsky

Warp of the Worlds

Widely distributed emails claim--falsely--that Mars will get close enough to Earth to appear as large as the moon. Steve Mirsky and Orson Welles report.

October 31, 2007

Chickens and Pigs and Yeast, Oh My!: The Public Health Threat of Animal Diseases; and Gene Duplication in Evolution

In this episode, Scientific American news editor Phil Yam discusses how veterinarians, physicians and multinational food companies need to work together in the global fight against animal-borne infectious diseases; and University of Wisconsin evolutionary biologist Sean Carroll talks about recent research tracking the evolution of yeast genes with specific functions descended from a single, duplicated gene with multiple functions...

October 17, 2007 — Steve Mirsky

The Buzz Is That Elephants Fear Bees

Habitat destruction raises the risk of unhappy interactions between elephants and people. But harnessing elephants' natural fear of bees may be a solution. Cynthia Graber reports.

October 16, 2007

Plant Passion Truly Hot

The male cycad plant's temperature transitions lead to odor changes that first attract and then repel tiny insects, called thrips. And the comings and goings of the thrips fertilize the female cycads...

October 12, 2007
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