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Island Survivors

On what once was a North American Gal¿pagos, researchers try to save devastated wildlife

August 20, 2000 — Eric Niiler

Building a Brainier Mouse

By genetically engineering a smarter than average mouse, scientists have assembled some of the central molecular components of learning and memory

April 21, 2000 — Joe Z. Tsien

The Heat is On

Scientists and politicians can quibble about what or who is to blame, but the oceans have cast a clear vote: Planet Earth is warming up

April 17, 2000 — Sarah Simpson

Snake Hunting

A new fossil is helping scientists clarify the slippery origins of modern serpents

March 20, 2000 — Kristin Leutwyler


An undersea methane explosion may have driven the most rapid warming episode of the past 90 million years

February 21, 2000 — Sarah Simpson

Melting Away

The shrinking of an immense swath of Antarctic ice threatens to raise sea level and there may be no stopping it

January 21, 2000 — Sarah Simpson
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