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Endangered Dragon

Stenocercus squarrosus , a new species of lizard discovered recently in Brazil's endangered Cerrado National Park.

January 29, 2007

Moving beyond Kyoto

To seriously address the issue of global climate change, policymakers need to establish a framework that extends through the end of the century

January 14, 2007 — Jeffrey Sachs

Methane, Plants and Climate Change

The surprising recent finding that living plants produce methane does not throw doubt on the cause of global warming. Human activities--not plants--are the source of the surge in this and other greenhouse gases...

January 14, 2007 — Frank Keppler and Thomas Röckmann

Gas Giants Wind Up

The surface winds on three recently discovered gas giants in nearby solar systems would dry, and remove, your hair in no time.

January 11, 2007

Remember Snowflakes?

If you live in the eastern or central U.S., chances are you haven't seen one of these lately. Researchers collected this specimen in North America and viewed it under a specially designed snowflake photomicroscope...

January 9, 2007

Not Standing Pat

Televangelist Pat Robertson's predictions carry little weight compared with those from outgoing National Hurricane Center Director Max Mayfield.

January 4, 2007
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