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We Owe Our Pumpkins to Pooping Megafauna

The pumpkin’s ancestor was an incredibly bitter, tennis-ball-sized squash—but it was apparently a common snack for mastodons. Christopher Intagliata reports.

October 31, 2019 — Christopher Intagliata

Is Death Reversible?

An experiment that partially revived slaughterhouse pig brains raises questions about the precise end point of life

October 31, 2019 — Christof Koch

Bird Egg Colors Are Influenced by Local Climate

In cold, northern climates, eggs tend to be darker and browner—heat-trapping colors that allow parents to spend a bit more time away from the nest. Christopher Intagliata reports. ...

October 29, 2019 — Christopher Intagliata

Crabs Do a Maze

Green crabs learned to navigate a maze without making a single wrong turn—and remembered the skill weeks later. Christopher Intagliata reports. 

October 28, 2019 — Christopher Intagliata
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