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Monkeys can make stone tools too

When these monkeys bang rocks together, they make stone flakes that resemble those archaeologists believe humans made two million to three million years ago. This video was reproduced with permission and was first published on October 19, 2016. It is a Nature Video production.

8 hours ago — Nature Video

When the Sea Saved Humanity

Shortly after Homo sapiens arose, harsh climate conditions nearly extinguished our species. The small population that gave rise to all humans alive today may have survived by exploiting a unique combination of resources along the southern coast of Africa

October 1, 2016 — Curtis W. Marean

Creationism Invades Europe

An antiscience movement once limited mostly to the U.S. is gaining ground on the eastern side of the Atlantic

October 1, 2016 — Stefaan Blancke and Peter C. Kjærgaard

Future Wet Suits Otter Be Warmer

Future wet suits with surface textures like the thick fur of otters that trap insulating air layers could keep tomorrow's divers warmer in icy waters. 

October 10, 2016 — Cynthia Graber

Arctic Pollinator Faces Uncertain Future

A housefly relative appears to be key to the reproductive success of a hardy tundra shrub. But the insect is threatened by the warming climate. Christopher Intagliata reports.

October 1, 2016 — Christopher Intagliata