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Return of the Toxic Avenger: Rhino Advocate Proposes Poisoning Horns to Protect Them from Poachers

Illegal demand for rhino horns for use in traditional Asian medicine has soared in recent years. As a result, rhino deaths by poaching hit an all-time high in 2010, and 2011 is likely to beat that number.Last year, the owner of the Rhino & Lion Nature Reserve near Johannesburg, South Africa, proposed a new idea to help save rhinos: poison their horns...

September 15, 2011 — John R. Platt

Texas Wildfires Devastate Last Habitat for Endangered Houston Toad

Devastating fires that swept through eastern Texas this month have left dozens of people dead or missing and destroyed more than 1,500 homes. The fires have also dealt a horrible blow the endangered Houston toad ( Bufo houstonensis ), which had already been suffering due to years of drought that preceded the flames.Houston toads started disappearing from much of their historic range (including the city the species is named after) decades ago, as habitat loss forced them into smaller and smaller territories...

September 13, 2011 — John R. Platt
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