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The fattest ape: An evolutionary tale of human obesity

Long before I began stockpiling a rather eclectic collection of curiously homoerotic Men’s Fitness magazines in my closet as a randy teenager, decades still before the global pornification of the 21st -century Internet age, my tender childhood libido found a secret refuge amidst the colorful scenes contained in a handful of old university textbooks placed happily among my parents’ bookshelves in the family room of our home...

November 2, 2010 — Jesse Bering

Extinction crisis revealed: One fifth of the world's mammals, birds and amphibians are threatened

One fifth of the world's vertebrates are threatened with extinction. That's the word from the 10th Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity this week in Nagoya, Japan, where a team of 174 scientists presented an assessment of the world's at-risk vertebrate species.According to the study, published in the October 28 issue of Science, the number of threatened species has grown dramatically in the past four decades, exceeding the normal "background rate" of extinction by a factor of two or three...

October 27, 2010 — John Platt
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