We asked Scientific American readers, as part of our special issue on cities coverage this month, to send us pictures they have taken of a science or engineering infrastructure scene outside their windows that illustrates the best or worst aspect of life in their city.

This offering came from Nature Publishing Group employee Neda Afsarmanesh: a photograph of a stand-up paddle surfer in the Hudson River off the shore of Manhattan. (Scientific American is part of Nature Publishing Group.)

New York City has long been known as a leader in the financial, fashion and entertainment industries, among others, but in recent years, city leaders and residents have clamored for and worked together to add more accessible opportunities for outdoor recreation and fitness, including access to the area's waterways and full-service gyms and recreational facilities, such as Chelsea Piers, that encourage workouts and leisure activities of all kinds.

Afsarmanesh took this photo on July 15, 2011.

Want to join in? Please send your photograph, a description of how it illustrates the best or worst aspect of life in your city and the date it was taken to submit@sciam.com.