The European Space Agency today released this high-resolution stereo image taken by the Mars Express orbiter of a region southeast of Ma'adim Vallis, one of the largest canyons on Mars (after Valles Marineris). Ma'adim Vallis lies between the volcanic region of Tharsis, which features four volcanoes, including the largest in the Solar System, and the Hellas Planitia impact basin.

The canyon, 20 kilometers wide and two kilometers deep, originates in the southern highlands close to the "dichotomy boundary" and ends at Gusev Crater. It cuts through the center of the image, ending at Gusev [top center]. The crater interior is the location of the Spirit rover, which landed there on January 3, 2004. The dichotomy boundary is a narrow region separating the cratered highlands, located mostly in Mars's southern hemisphere, from the northern hemisphere's lowland plains.