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Disarming Lyme Disease

Antibiotics are usually curative. A vaccine is in clinical trials. Next on the research agenda: how to help people suffering from chronic symptoms

By Fred S. Kantor

Low-Energy Ways to Observe High-Energy Phenomena

By observing interactions that are forbidden in the Standard Model, physicists can peek at super symmetric and other happenings

By David B. Cline

The Aluminum Beverage Can

Produced by the hundreds of millions every day, the modern can -- robust enough to support the weight of an average adult -- is a tribute to precision design and engineering

By John L. Duncan and William F. Hosford

The Machinery of Cell Crawling

When a cell crawls, part of its fluid cytoplasm briefly turns rigid. This transformation depends on the orderly assembly and disassembly of a protein scaffold

By Thomas P. Stossel

The Scientific Importance of Napoleon's Egyptian Campaign

Bonaparte's invasion of Egypt brought French scientists and engineers to the Nile. Their work, in turn, brought the splendors of the Nile to Europe

By Charles C. Gillispie

Software's Chronic Crisis

Despite 50 years of progress, the software industry remains years-- perhaps decades-- short of the mature engineering discipline needed to meet the demands of an information-age society

By W. Wayt Gibbs


  • A Marriage of Science and Art

  • Solving the Paradox of Deep Earthquakes

  • Privatizing Public Research

  • Book Reviews--Unraveling the Past

  • Letters


  • Letters to the Editors, September 1994

  • 50, 100 & 150 Years Ago

    50 and 100 Years Ago: Construction of Airports and Inventions at the French War Office

  • Mathematical Recreation

    A Subway Named Turing

  • Science and the Citizen

    Gone with a Bang

  • Super Loops

  • Sick, Sick, Sick

  • Hot Air

  • Backfire

  • Lonesome Cowpokes

  • Can I Buy you a Drink?

  • Borrowed Savagery

  • Departments

    Not Worth the Paper it's Printed on

  • An Ounce of Prevention

  • Technology and Business

    Turning Green

  • Binary Disinfectants

  • Heat and Light

  • Food Fights

  • Power Medicine

  • Crabshoot

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September 1994

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