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Government Investigation of the Bell Patents

“The Dollar Medical Shop”

Improvement of the Ohio River

The Ticking of the Clock

The Soil as a Filter

Preserving Eggs

Night Sky–October and November

By Richard A. Proctor

Fire Escape

Egg Register and Tester

Drying Tomatoes

Bag Holder for Trucks

An Improved Keyhole Guard

An Improved Carpet Stretcher

Some Old Warwick Houses

The Relation of Domestic Chimneys to the Construction of Roofs

Improved Chimney Cap

Westward the Squirrel

The Rotary Iron Jail

Tests of Stained Glass

Photographic Notes

Intensifer for Negatives

The New Croton Aqueduct

General George B. McClellan

Agee's Improved Corn Planter

A New Link Movement for Reversible Engines

Improved Tent

The Nordenfelt Submarine Boat

Liquid Fuel in California


At the Interior

Porphyry Dyke

A Paper Chimney

The Star in Andromeda

Slag Wool

Paper in Tonkin

Miscellaneous Inventions

Engineering Inventions

Business and Personal

Any Person Having a New Invention May, without Charge, Consult MUNN CO., Scientific American Office, 361 Broadway, New York, for Advice Low to Obtain a Patent or Caveat. our Hand Book of Instruction Relating to Patents Cent Free

Agricultural Inventions

New Books and Publications

By Louis Agassiz and Elizabeth Cary Agassiz

Index of Inventions

For which Letters Patent of the United States were Granted October 20, 1885. and Each Bearing that Date [See Note at End of List about Copies of These Patents.]

Notes and Queries

Hints to Correspondents

Fireproof Building in New York

By T. M. Clark

A Village Residence

By O. P. Hatfield

A Special Suggestion

Plans and Contributions

Our Colored Drawings and Sheet of Details

Items Relating to Building Progress

Weather Joints

Exhibition of Architectural Drawings

A New Portable Desk

Movable Structures for Fairs, Markets, Etc.

Fine Buildings of Prominence in New York City

Lime and Clinker Bricks

To Advertisers

Spontaneous Combustion

Mineral Wool

Machines for Putting down Drilled Wells

Casing for Pipes

Fireplace Attachment

Check for Blind Slats

Cellar Drain and Ventilator

An Improved Fence

Window Sash and Frame

Taylor's New Bolt

Shade Roller Hanger

Reisener's Improved Shelving

Improved Caisson

Improved Ladder

Improvements in Concrete Construction

Reproduction of Drawings in Blue Lines on White Ground

By A. H. Haig

The Blue Print Process

By R. W. Jones

A Cottage, Costing $150

By S. B. Reed

Buildings in Glass


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    November 01, 1885

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