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M. Pasteur's Researches in the Treatment of Hydrophobia

War Balloons

The Greyhounds of the Atlantic

Hon. Thomas A. Hendricks

Asphalted Jute

Ammonia and Alcohol in Snake Bite

Whitening Walls

Unmagnetizable Steel

The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co

Night Sky—November and December

By Richard A. Proctor

Interesting to Architects and Builders.—Comfortable Homes

Improved Method of Burning Limestone

Andromeda's Loss

An Improved Window

Machine for Beveling Angle Bars, Etc.

An Improved Turning Lathe

The Sleeper's Guard

Portable Sash Securer

Decay of Neglected Bridges

Crushing Limit of Columns

Clamp for Roof Scaffolds, Etc.

Brick Walls

Boiler Flue Cleaner

An Easily Operated Washing Machine

Photographic Notes


A “Gateway of Knowledge“

Buckman's Car Coupler

Antwerp Prizes for America

An Improved Thermometer Required

Repairing the Cooper Institute

On Measurement

The Preservation of the Obelisk

The Montreal Cable Railway

The Business Importance of Burglars

Moncrieff Gun Carriages for Russian Iron Clads

How to make Winter Evenings Profitable

The Silver King in Northern Waters

Hoffmann's New Plan for a Cemetery

Photographic Camera for Instantaneous Views

Phosphoric Acid from Slag

Our December Number

Catalogue of Valuable Papers Contained in the Scientific American Supplement Sent Free to Any Address

Can I Obtain a Patent?

To the Reader

Our January Number

Our First Number

The Tomb of Gen. Grant

Design for a Country Residence

To Cost $6,300.—First Story Stone


Dumping Car

A New Safety Regulator for Elevators

The New York Waterworks

Landscape Architecture

Sawdust in Plastering

No Right to Steal away your Employer's Business

H. M. S. Benbow

Sail Rigged Merry-Go-Round

Improved Pocket for Billiard and Pool Tables

A Wrist-Held Memorandum Pad

Sand Dunes

Sail Skating

The Helicoidal or Wire Stone Saw

St. Mary's (R. C.) Church, Leek, Staffordshire

Duchess's Bedroom

The Temple of Diana at Ephesus

The Scientific American, Architects and Builders Edition

Engineering Inventions

Business and Personal

Any Person Having a New Invention May, without Charge, Consult Munn&Co., Scientific American Office, 361 Broadway, New York, for Advice how to Obtain a Patent or Caveat. Our Hand Book of Instructions Relating to Patents Sent Free


Among the Bank Notes

Notes and Queries

Hints to Correspondents

New Books and Publications

Elements of Inorganic Chemistry, Descriptive and Qualitative. by James, H. Shepard. Boston: D. C. Heath&Co., 1885

Miscellaneous Inventions

Index of Inventions

For which Letters Patent of the United States were Granted November 17, 1885, and Each Bearing thata Date

Communications Received


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    December 01, 1885

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