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Popular Errors concerning Health


Belt Fastener

An Assyrian Statue of 850 B. C.

Unexplored Branch of the Fire Escape Problem

About Terra Cotta

Cast Iron Columns

A Block of City Houses

Lower Prices for Mahogany

Durability of Slate

The Union Lathe

The Ormsby Sash Balance

Protecting Iron

Manufacturing Items

Observation on Tree Growth

Loss of Weight in Coal by Storage

Electrical Lamps for Fire Arms

Artifcial Oil of Lemon

The Houses of Parliament

Corean Architecture

The Knickerbocker Avenue Extension Sewer, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Improved Cork Attachment

Balanced Water Motor

New Alcoholic Ferment

Cab and Hack Indicator

A Wonderful Grotto

A “Workingman's” College, Melbourne

The Bellevernon Gas Well

Steel Rails in the United States

Scale Hardness of Metals

Leveling Instrument

Gravity Friction Clutch

Good Wool

Dust Cover for Drawers

Depression in the Copper Industry

A Flexible Ladder Fire Escape

The Pneumatic Postal System of Paris

Safety against Fire in Buildings

J. J. Keller

Imitation Marble

Heavy Electric Light Suits Coming

Cements for Special Purposes

A Russian Bath at Home

The Kaolin Beds of Chester County, Pa., and of now Castle County, Del

By Graham Spencer

Loads on Roofs

The Interoceanic Ship Railway

Our First Number

Catalogue of Valuable Papers Contained in the Scientific American Supplement Sent Free to any Address

Can I Obtain a Patent?

Our Second Number

Marking Ink

Display of Meteors

A Submarine Torpedo Boat

A Large Garnet

Responsibility for Cars

A $2,000 House

Cheap Houses

Steel Structures

Hotel De Ville, St. Quentin

Fire Doors in Mills

Natural Gas

Royal Academy Traveling Studentship Design for Block of Three Houses

New York Laundries

The Effects of Lightning Stroke

Farm Buildings

A Novel Paper-Cutter

The Present Condition of the Yellowstone National Park

By E. D. Cope

Wage Earners and their Houses

Manufacturers as Landlords

Glazed Ware Finial

Miscellaneous Inventions

Engineering Inventions

Business and Personal

Agricultural Inventions

New Books and Publications

Notes and Queries

Index of Inventions



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    January 01, 1886

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