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The St. Mary's Falls Canal

Two Forms of Liquefied Air

Engineering by the Ancients

A Novel Clock

Sixty Ton Crane

Improvement in Car Seats Wanted

Back Numbers


Navigable Balloons

Durability of Building Stone

Country Stores and Dwellings

A New Steam Carriage

Improved Plate Bending Machine

The Largest Elevator in the World

The Layton Art Gallery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Chinch Bug

Crank Pin for Steam Engines

Constructing, Ventilating, and Cooling Cellars

American Gems and Precious Stones

A Method for the Purification of Commercial Carmine

By John S. Adriance

Cleaning out Waste Pipes

The Treatment of Frostbitten Fingers and Toes


Railway Electric Lights

Indian Fish-Egg Food

Enameling Cast Iron Ware

Artificial Diamonds

The Duplex Tide Wheel

Steel Spring Motors

Boring for Natural Gas at Cleveland, Ohio

How Bees Predict the Weather

Greenhouses and Conservatories

Focal Distance of Spectacle Glasses

Eatables on Ocean Steamers

The Nutmeg Plant-Myristica

By F. L. S.

The Amber and Meerschaum Industry of Austria

John Henry Dallmeyer

Isolating Pavilions for Contagious Diseases

Waterproof Clothing

The Phylloxera in Sandy Soil

The Architecture of a Bone

Show Box Cover

Natural Gas Fuel

Milk Cooler

Metallic Plastering Surface

The Micrometer

Testing Machines

Slovenly Reading

Process of and Apparatus for Blocking Ice

Cost of the Great Suspension Bridge between New York and Brooklyn


Ancient Roadways

Bradford Technical School

Hydraulic Mining to be Regulated

Health and Education


The Cycloidotrope

By Geo. M. Hopkins

Improved Sand Blast Machine

Automatic Pulley Turning Attachment for Lathes

Power of an Ocean Wave

M. Bartholdi in America

Improvement in the Manufacture of Mineral Wool

Draught Device for Vehicles

Underground Wires

Buoyant Propeller for Steamboats

Can I Obtain a Patent ?

Our Second Numbers

Our First Numbers

To the Reader

Simple Photo-Enlarging Apparatus

Art Study

The U. S. War Steamer Chicago

Memory versus Progress

Hereford Cathedral

Efflorescence on Brick Walls

Waiting to be Invited

Asphalted Jute

Fingarry, Stirlingshire

The Mercuric Developer

By Henry J. Newton

Agricultural Inventions

Notes and Queries

New Books and Publications

Miscellaneous Inventions

Business and Personal

Engineering Inventions

Index of Inventions


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    February 01, 1886

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