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The Great American Dredges on the Panama Canal

Advertising in the London “Times.”

Congo Red

Heat Becoming Dark with Great Intensity

My Boy, do You Smoke?

The Pike's Peak Railway

A Lucky Inventor

Welding Fluxes

The New York Fire Department

A Delicate Measure

Improved Belting

The Jackson Heat-Saving and Ventilating Grate

The Sanitary Water Closet

Architects, Builders, and Others

Keuffel & Esser's Architects' and Builders' Level

A Populous Section

Transmitting Power from a Central Station

Is there a Snow Cap on Venus

Moving small Buildings

St. Paul's Cathedral


Strengthening the Abutment of a Great Bridge

Thurston's Autographic Torsion Testing Machine

Curative Power of Water

Hot Water Heating for small Dwellings

The Vulcanized Asbestos Renewable Disk Valves

Blunt's Patent Double-Acting Artesian Well Pump

Ornamental Iron and Zinc Work, Etc.

Improved Counting-House Stamp

An Interesting Shakespearean Relic

Portable Bathing and Toilet Cabinet

Designs for Two small Cottages

No. 1 and No. 2 to Cost $2,500.00 and $3,000.00.

By John E. Baker

No. 3 Universal Engine Lathe

Barstow's Bay State Furnace

The Otis Elevators

The Car Coupling Question

The Millers Falls Boring Machine

South Carolina Phosphates

Treatment of Freckles with Carbolic Acid

A Handsome Compliment

Salisbury Steak

A Village School House

Improved Auger Bits

Oil Seeds of Egypt

Builders' Quantities

Education in the United States

Outwitting our Health Officers

House at St. George's Hills, Weybridge

An English Farm House

Earthenware as a Building Material

Masonry and Brickwork in Fires

Mechanical Aids to Decoration

By A. Curtis Bond

The Hummel Monument at Pressburg

Stone Piles in Washington Territory

To the Editor of the Scientific American

Two Chimney-Pieces in Wood

Cottages, Askham, York

Useful Directions for Taking Portraits Indoors without a Skylight

By L. P. Ferris

The New Federal Building, Brooklyn, New York

Working Drawings of Inexpensive Furniture

By E. W. Godwin

New Designs for Lincrusta Walton

The Latest Product of Wood Distillation

The Sugar Crop

Oak Fireplace and Mantel

The Coloring Matter of Wine and Vegetable Coloring Matters

By M. Terreil

Well in the Courtyard of the Hotel de Cluny, Paris


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