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Quadruple Expansion

Sewage Treatment for a Town of from 10,000 to 20,000 Population

Designs for Cottages

Uniformity in Iron and Steel Axles

A small Country House

A small Country House

Manufacture of Swords in Birmingham

Improved Mould for Sewer Building

A New Fruit Drier

Improved Roller Gate

Novel Method of Carpeting Stairs

A Country House

The New House of Parliament in Vienna

Practical Directions for Lightning Rods

To New Subscribers

Utilizing Milkweed

Small Cottages

A Viennese Villa

Panama Hats

The Indestructibility of Matter

Some old Cathedrals

Curious Intermittent Spring in Guatemala

The Protection of Woodwork

Strength of Wooden Columns

The Cost of Keeping Soldiers

Davis' Quilting Frame

Antiquity of Wheat

The Helicoidal or Wire Stone Saw

Art of Making Butter

Ornamental Entrance Gates

Waterproof Writing Ink and Paper

Hallucination of the Senses

The Egyptian Sphinx

French Exhibits of Trained Fruit Trees

What a Spider Eats per Diem

Formulas for Fertilizers

Potash in Agriculture

The Steam Chime

Wind Pressure

Botanical Notes

Cleaning Stonework

Cleaning Stonework

The Waterhouse Electric Light

The Yale Locks

Japanese House Building

By Edward S. Morse

The Ancient Cities of Chaldea

Winking Photographs

Stair Case, Jacobean Style

How to make Rubber Hand Stamps

Indian Corn as Food for Man

Utilization of Dead Animals

The Art of Printing

Japanese Mirrors


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    Business and Personal - May 1, 1886

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