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Opening of the Colonial and Indian Exhibition in London

A Suburban Cottage

School Days

The Indestructibility of Force

An Improved Sash Frame Pulley

The Charter's Gas Engine

The Perception of Pale Color Tints

The "Champion" Keyless Locks

Endolithic Marble


A Country House at Orange, N. J.

Close of our First Volume

Design for a Stone Cottage

Healthy Cottages

Chinese Architecture in Chicago

Prize Design for a New Facade, Cathedral of Milan

Passaic City, New Jersey

Passaic City, New Jersey

Frozen Lumber Will Shrink

Phosphatic Slag as a Fertilizer

Frozen Lumber Will Shrink

Frog's Skin Grafts

Grove Farm House

Cleaning Stonework

How to Avoid Premature Old Age

The Laying out of Garden Paths

Concrete Construction

The Ordinary Vest a Poor Lung Protector

The Nautical Arnea, or Aquatic Theater

Ink for Type Writer Ribbons

Sinking Shafts by Freezing

A Labor Paper on Intimidation

Ink for Type Writer Ribbons

Novel Mining Machinery

Wooden Pavements

The Electrical Tramp Protector

New Club House of the St. Louis Jockey Club

Steam and Gas Engines

The Electrical Tramp Protector

The Paris Metropolitan Railway

Natural History Notes

The Velocity of Meteors

Novel Mode of Feeding Lambs

Mistakes in School Architecture

Cost or Different Kinds of Walls

How to Make Duck Impervious to Water

New Schoolhouse Design

The Sense of Smell

Cottage Lodge

A Remarkable Iron Roof


Products from a small Garden

Prize for the Best Method of Preventing Blasting Accidents in Coal Mines


On the Coagulation of Blood

The Mullein Plant

Smoke Testing of Drains

Cheap Method of Heating Factories

Roofing Paint

Rum Blossoms

Asbestos Cement Felting


Lime in a Water Pipe

Arsenic in Wall Paper

To Restore Gloss to a Silk Hat

Perille's Safety Catch

Cork Cloth

A New Lamp Shade

Apparatus for Examining Engravings

Timber: Its Growth, Seasoning, and Preparation for Use

By Thomas Blashill

Design for a Church

Earth Currents in the Ben Nevis Observatory Telegraph Cable

Church at Frankfurt

New Books and Publications

Business and Personal

Notes and Queries

Valuable Books for Architects, Builders, Etc.



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