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Design for a Cottage

Hints to Bathers


Our Last Volume and our New Volume

Dwelling at Orange, N. J.

Progress of the A and B

A Cottage at Montclair, N. J.

Writers Wanted

Vine for Porches

A Fruitful Five Dollar Bill

Large Cows and Little Milk

Drawings and Plans

Columnar Structure in Trap

Matapalo, the Tree Killer

Regilding Frames

Some Good Shade Trees

Views in the Chinese Quarter, San Francisco

A Combined Crusher and Stamp Mill

A Singular Poisoning Case

Design for a House Conservatory

An Aerolite in Cuban Skies

Tests for Bricks

Cheap Hydrogen Gas

Country Home Adornment

A Cottage at Little Falls

Plastic Decorations

Tenacity of Standard Gold

Suburban Schools

Design for Gen. Grant's Cottage

Tenacity of Standard Gold

Inlaying by Electricity

A French Cottage

Thermometers for White Heat

Bursting of Centrifugal Cream Separators

A Warm Controversey

Warming and Ventilation of School Rooms



Builders' Hardware

The Blake Steam Pumps and Pumping Engines

Electric Water Lights

The New Aqueduct for New York

The Principle of a Lever

An Anchor to Hold Stovepipes in Position

Gas Wells Fired by Lightning

Cast Iron Guns

Loss of Fire Hose by Acids

Improved Table Knife

The Mefford Gun

Tea Kettle

George Westinghouse

Design for a Hall

A Social Doctor

The Three Graces

The Monastery of Huelgas

American Architecture

New Design for Libraries

Converting Photographs into Line Drawings

Concrete Building under Water

A Cheap Concrete

A Curiously made Photo

Tregaddick, near Bodmin, Cornwall

Harbor Survey Work, New York


By T. O*amp*apos;Conor Sloane

Manufacture of Mineral Colors in the United States

An Improved Developer

The Spring Match

The Heliograph in Arizona

Business and Personal

The Commercial Destiny of America

Good for Vermont

An Old Oak Chair

Durability of Different Woods

Notes and Queries


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