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H. H. Richardson


Residence at Flatbush, L. I.

Sea-Shore Cottage

Asphaltum in Building

Practical Hints to One Contemplating Building

Builders' Hardware and Tools

The Wainwright System of Steam Heating

Natural Gas Notes

Drainage Level for Builders

Screw Cutting Machinery

Andrews' Deck Light and Ventilator

Mitis or Wrought Iron Castings

The Boynton “New Gas Tight” Self-Cleaning Furnace

The Royal Holloway College for Women

Opening by the Queen

Snail Crop in France

A Block of City Dwellings

Design for a Brick and Wood Residence

An Architectural Adjunct

Fall of a Warehouse

Railroads of the World

Paper Pipes

Upholstering a Cow Stall

Fire Dangers from Steam Pipes and Hot Air Flues

Adjoining Grounds and Dwellings

The Hall Type Writer

Transparent Soap

Mennig's Steam Engine

Great Aggregates from Doubling small Amounts

South Polar Inspection

The Government Works on the Ohio River

Imitating Leather Surfaces

Parabolic Matrices for Specula

Staining Oak or Ash

The Law as to Party Walls

Circumstantial Evidence

Famous Gold Nuggets

Wood Wool

A $2,000 Dwelling

The Parthenon

Portable Buildings

What a Frenchman can do with a Hair

A Wagon Wheel without Axle

Fire Escapes

Illumination at the City of Mexico

The Pantograph

What $120 did in a Cottage at the Thousand Islands

A Cupboard in Fretwork

By J. W. Gleeson-White

An Improved Kiln

Substitute for a Horse

Lewisham Public Baths

Cheap Method of Heating Factories

Restoring of Burnt Cast Steel

Simple Way to Measure Land

Trade Mark Infringement

A St. Louis Dwelling

By H. Hohenschild

Lining Cameras with Velvet

Assaying with the Horn Spoon

By Elbert C. Van Blarcom

Assaying with the Horn Spoon

By Elbert C. Van Blarcom

New 110 Ton Gun

Residence of John A. Rumsey

Regulations of House Drainage and Plumbing in Denver, Col.

A Design for a Cottage

Dynamo Belting in its Relation to Electricity

Best Mode of Ventilation

A Curious Life Preserver

Combat between Whale, Swordfish, and Thrasher

An Enormous Granite Slab

New Alloy of Aluminum

Ornamental Iron Railing

Fish Killed by Poisonous Water

Notes and Queries

Hints To Correspondents

Our Native Birds

Business and Personal

Pigments under Natural and Artificial Light

Pygmy Cattle

The Air of the Sea


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