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Modern School House Designs

The Parisian Fire Department

Cast Iron Girders


Buying Houses "on Easy Terms"


The Latest and Greatest Gun

Ornamentation of Rooms

Mistakes in Building

Fast Time

Drawings and Contributions

Rustic Structures


Our First Volume


Coloring Billiard Balls

Cottage at Block Island, R. I.

A Suburban Residence

By H. S. Rapelye

Natural Gas in the Blast Furnace

Fixing Weatherboarding and Doors

An Old Pioneer Bridge

Lumber Estimates

Fastener for Window' Stop Beads

A Railway along Niagara Falls

Removal of a Church

A Convenient Sash-Holder

The "Perfection" Weather Strip

Sheet Metal Construction

New Scaffold Bracket

The Minneapolis Library

The Minneapolis Library

Criticism of Light American Carriages

“Saltpetering” in Stone

A Fast Chinese Torpedo Boat

Slow Combustion

A Home Costing about $1,200

How to make Roads Pleasant

Slowly Combustible Buildings

Scarlet Fever Communicated by Clothing

Design for Cottage

Mexican Orange Flower

Tree Growth

A Country Residence and Carriage House

Early English Doorways


Defective Roofs

Design for a Cottage

Stable Floors

Germs in Water

Prize Medal Design for a Town Church

Medicated Raisins

On the Airing and Lighting of Houses

Jarrah Wood

St. Sophia, Constantinople

Photographic Notes

Decisions Relating to Patents

U. S. Circuit Court.—Northern District of Illinois

U S. Circuit Court.--District of New Hampshire

Jencks Vs the Langdon Mills et al

Morningside Park, New York City

Improved Fire Extinguishing Apparatus


The Island of Malta

Concrete Floors

A Great Steel Forging

Curious Accretion of Emery Wheel Dust

New Electric Organ Movement

Tetanus Treated by Rest

Improved Pipe Wrench

A Shying Horse

Corundum and its Uses

Design for a Residence

The People's Palace, London

Professional Statistics

Exteriors of small Dwellings

A Fast Illustrated Paper Press

Mineral Wool

Wedge Cutter

An Adjustable Harrow

Influence of Magnetism upon the Embryo

Machine for Cutting Scrub, Cane, Etc.

Casehardening Steel

A Mammoth Passenger Station

The Locomotive Whistling Nuisance

The American Forestry Congress

A Boy with Cat's Eyes

Old Falcon Cocoa House, Chester

Preservation of Yeast

An Old Gas Line

Carved Cabinet

Notes and Queries

Hints to Correspondents

Business and Personal

Any Person Having a New Invention May, Without Charge, Consult Munn & co., Scientific American Office 361 Broadway, New York, for Advice how to obtain a patent or caveat. Our Hand Book of Instructions Relating to patents Sent Free...

Mortars and Concretes


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