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Industrial Notes

A New Process of Welding

Castellated Chapel of Amboise


Graining as a Decoration

Our Sheet of Details

A Test of Spiral Screw Drivers

Useful Hints to Intending Builders

Drawings and Contributions

A Cottage at Washington Heights, N. Y.

Galvanic Flannel

Our First Volume

Colors for Woodwork

Modified Swiss Cottage

A Cottage at Bridgeport, Conn

Improved Carpenter's Gauge

Knots in Lumber


French Sanitary Devices for Dwellings

Wages in the Building Trades in New Work

Masonry Conversion Tables

By C. Powell Karr

Crater Lake, Oregon

A Simple Method of Fixing Crayon Drawings on Paper

A General Service Barn

Greenhouses for Forcing Vegetable Crops

By Peter Henderson

Copying Drawings with the Camera

Country House at Hietzing, near Vienna

History of the Chimney

Resonance in Rooms

General Contracting

St. Ignatius College, San Francisco, Cal

Venetian Pavements

Retaining Walls

Wrought Iron Columns

Tests of Iron

Sunflowers for Fuel

Law Applied to Smoke and Noise

Fast Track Laying

Shop Fronts in London

Design for a School-House

Essence of Law


Slate Bricks, Tiles, and Pipes

Rendering Brickwork Waterproof

A $3,500 Cottage

A Novel Foundation

A Well Question

Building Organization in France

Early use of Concrete

Comforts in small Houses

A Design for an Eight Room Cottage

A Design for an Eight Room Cottage

The Principle of Design

Recent Discoveries at Jerusalem

Repairing a Great Spire

An Italian Artist's Residence-Sixteenth Century

Air Injectors for Liquid Fuels

An Ocean Oil Well

Art in the Garden

A Window Grille of the Seventeenth Century

Test for the Purity of Mineral Oils

Artificial Cocaine

Precautions in Building

The Pecan Tree

Earthquake Buildings

The Friendship of Birds

Design for Refreshment House

Ornamental Clapboards

To Remove Exudations from Brick Walls

A Novel Chimney Staging

Portable Iron Buildings

By August W. Schulenburg

Photographic Notes

American Institute Fair, New York

Proposed Fire Engine Elevators for use in the New York Engine Houses

Prototypes of Hollow Beams in Nature

How to Restore Faded Inks

Construction in Earthquake Countries

The Salt Mountain of Palestine

By Selah Merrill

Composition for Plastering, Filling, Wall Ornaments, Etc.

Relations of Architecture and Insurance

Rats on Board Ship

Palace of Artaxerxes

Strength of Beams

The Inventor of Hydraulic Cement

Old English Furniture

Revelations of the Earthquake

Damp Houses

An Improved Window Blind

By Charles W. Radford


Weight of Iron Girders

Business and Personal

Any Person Having a New Invention may, without Charge, Consul MUNN & Co., Scientific American Office 361 Broaroadway, New York, for Advice how to Obtain a Patent or Caveat. Ourr Hand of Instruct- torso Relating to Misspent Free...

Cleaning Stonework

Moorish Fretwork

Massey's Patent Woodworker's Vise

Frost on Show Windows

Notes and Queries

Hints to Correspondents


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