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Improved Door Hanger

A Brick Row of Moderate Cost

Improved Door Attachment

Sleep as a Mechanical Operation

To our Readers

Our First Two Volumes

Indian Ornament in House Decoration

Architectural Outlines


The Excelsior Steel Furnace

Modern Athens

New Electric Gas Lighter

To Protect Iron from Rust

An $1,800 Cottage

A Tall Chimney

A Model Cholera Hospital at Rome

Oil Tempering

Portsmouth, England, New Town Hall

A Stable at Babylon, L. I.

Design for a Double House

Squaring Timber

Australian Timber

Drawing Room, Hamstead, Staffordshire

Blue Lias Lime in Mortar

The Principal Front of the Cathedral of Tarragona

Paris to be a Seaport

Some needed Improvements in Modern Dwellings

The Rose Polytechnic Institute

A Design for a Country House Costing $4,000

By Frank H. Shepherd

A Proposed 820-Foot Tower

Expansion of Concrete

Sugar in Mortar

Fireproofing Wood

A Pantograph

Forged Trellises

Frame-Closing Drawing Board

A Simple Heliograph

Furnace Heating

To Polish Hickory

Compressed Wood

Use of Clay to Prevent Leakages


“The Cock's Shrill Clarion”

St. John's Church, Macclesfield, England

Ventilation for Schools

A Swiss Cottage

The Plumbing Law

Improved Bricks

Business and Personal

Any Person Having a New Invention May, Without Charge, Consult Munn & co., Scientific American Office 361 Broadway, New York, for Advice how to obtain a patent or caveat. Our Hand Book of Instructions Relating to patents Sent Free...

Sleigh made for King Ludwig II. of Bavaria

An Interesting Monument

Notes and Queries

Hints to Correspondents

Slag Cement


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