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A Drinking Fountain

Drawings by Mail


Asphaltum Pavement

How not to do It

The American Institute of Architects

A Glance at the Character of their Work, and its Influence upon the Growth of American Art

By C. Powell Karr

An Eighteen Hundred Dollar Cottage

St. James' Rectory, Fordham, N. Y.

A Dwelling of Moderate Cost at Rutherford, N. J.

Composition for Making Artificial Marble

To Imitate Ground Glass

A Note on Watering Potted Plants

New Crematory in Paris

Invisible Nails

Stained Glass Substitutes

Decorative Painting

Health in Schools

A City Residence

Specifications for Plumbing, Gas, and Natural Gas Fitting

By L. O. Danse

Brickmaking under New Condition

House to House Inspection

A Dwelling at Springfield, Mass.

Petroleum V. Nasby on Socialism

Concrete Floor

Distempering Ceilings

A Cottage at Halifax, N. S.

Advantages of Low Ceilings

The Tehuantepec Ship Railway

A New Leveling Instrument

Air in Greenhouses

Removal of Snow from Streets

A $2,200 Residence at Detroit, Mich.

How to Grow Large Potatoes

The Grecian Architectural Style

By N. Clifford Ricker

A New Method of Glazing Sash

By Peter Henderson

New Roofing or Staging Bracket

By Henry E. Tolman

Adamant—A New Invention

Sandpapering and Polishing Machine

Paris Cement

Combined Hammer and Planer

By Charles F. Brent and Alfred Lang

The Bee's Sting a useful Tool

Brick Pavements

Design for a Tomb

How to Measure Bridge Deflection

Home Furnishing

How to Darken Oak

Measurement of Brickwork and Masonry

A Lumber Roller

Carved Design in Boxwood


Cleaning Waste Pipes

Trade Surveys

Carved Oak Room

Tile Roofs

A Residence of Moderate Cost

Royal Society Medals

Gliding on Glass

Ten Mile Cannon

Egyptian Bricks

First Congregational Church, Minneapolis

A Convenient and Certain Mode for Tempering Steel

Architectural Charges for Professional Practice

A New India Rubber

A Hall Screen

The Coloring of Metals

Weathering Stone

How to make Paper Roses

Hemlock Lumber.—Southern Furniture Factories

Two Dwellings of Moderate Cost

Rosewood Stain

The Greatest of Great Walls

Coverings for Hot Air and other Pipes

Cross of Wheat and Rye

Mantelpieces from Old Dublin

Apparatus for Painting Shingles

By Clifford I. Millard

A New Cement from Slag

Laundry Hints

A $1,500 Cottage

By W. H. Harvey

Errors in Planning Houses

Spontaneous Combustion of Wood

A Large Casting

Anti-Magnetic Shields for Watches

Gas Lamps for Lighting Large Spaces

Notes and Queries

Hints to Correspondents

The Narrowest Houses in New York

By John M. Page


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