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The American Institute of Architects

A Glance at the Character of their Work, and its Influence upon the Growth of American Art

By C. Powell Karr

Pressed Wood Ornaments


Dwelling at Babylon, L. I

Useful Hints Relating to House Building

The Farragut Club House

$2,600 Suburban Cottage

By E. Hebberd

Tin Roofing Plates

Bit and Square Level

Drain Pipe Traps

Top and Bottom Flanges of Wrought Iron Beams

Drilling Holes in Plate Glass

An English Cottage

The Architectural League

Some Notes and Comments on its Second Annual Exhibition by our Special Correspondent

Design for a $2,000 Cottage for Geo. Gable, Esq

By Edward Kent

An American Coaster

Plain Wall Paper for the Sick Room

Sliding Blinds

Improved Door Check

Comfort and Style Too

Explosion of Wood Dust

The St. Paul Ice Palace

Joseph Echteler's Design for a Grant Monument

Disinfection by Heat

Incandescent Burner of Dr. Auer

A Pretty Cottage for $1,000

The New Academy of Art in Munich

Stained Woods

Waves Utilized to Pump Water

Creeping of Varnish

Illustrations of German Cottages

The Grindstone Industry

A Fever House

The Wistaria

By W. Sinensis

One Reason why Paint Chips of from around the Spokes in the Hubs

Folding Step Ladder

Sources of Dampness in Houses

By Charles F. Wingate

Three City Houses

Frozen Boards

Culture of Asparagus

Six City Houses

Sugar in Mortar

What a Western Farmer saw in the East

Dispensary and Relief Station at Battersea, London

Lightning Melts a Lead Water Pipe

Destruction by Nitro-glycerine Explosions

The New Water Tunnel, Chicago

The Great Question of the Day

Ivy in Hanging Baskets

Hints for Builders

The Culture of Fuchsias


Preservation of Wood by Lime

Initial Letters

Drill Hall Bolton

Asphalt Pavement

Stained Glass

The Buffalo Crematory

Cleaning Cherry or Ash

Convention of the Western Association of Architects

The Story of a Greek Statue

Business and Personal

Any person having a New invention mall, without charge consult KUNN CO Scientific American office, 361 Broad wall, New York, for ad'lice how to obtain a Patent or Caveat. Our Hand Book I1ItnM: tWti8 relating to Patent, sent free...

Plants for House Decoration

Notes and Queries

Hints to Correspondents

Steaming vs. Fumigating


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