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Strength of Brick Walls

The American School at Athens

A Cottage Adapted for Future Enlargement

Building Plans and Specifications

An East Orange Home

Real Estate Title Insurance

The Luminous Bacillus

Floors and Ceilings: Ancient and Modern

By C. Powell Karr

The Summit Color Works


Incendiary Birds

Tests of Plumbing in Minneapolis

An Entrance Porch

A Telegraph Lantern

Mineral Wool as a Filling

Easy Water Tests

Trousers Stretcher

The Lewis Grate and Open Fireplace

Mexican Windows

Ornamental Plaster Work

Black Birch

Hot Water Plumbing

A House Designed for Future Enlargement

Simple Method of Laying out the Joints in Elliptical Vaults

Hints on Building

A Stone and Brick Cottage

A Gothic Pulpit

Slate Roofs

Ornamental Iron Gate

Redwood Logging in California

Grano-Metallic Stone

Dwelling for an Elevation

The Building Employers' Protective Association


Maple Flooring

A Church of Moderate Cost


A $3,000 Residence

Cannon's Diamond Point Nail Set

Adjustable Wood Measuring Rack

A Monument to the Memory of General Grant

By Joseph A. Stark

Shingles in Modern Architecture

Picturesque Summer Hotel

To Bleach Oils

The use of Mortar during Frost

Old Iron

A Business House and Residence

Water-Tight Roofs

The Chicago Manual Training School

The Cathedral, Mexico

An English Home

A Quick Lawn

A One Thousand Dollar Cottage

By B. J. Schweitzer

Heating by the Combination of Warm Air and Steam

Artistic Coloring of Houses

Acoustic Hints

The Wainwright Exhaust Feed Water Heaters

Improved Pedestal Jointer

Hot Water Apparatus for Warming Dwellings

Improved Furnace

Improved Tent

Plans and Specifications

Sliding Door Hangers

The Cincinnati (O.) Corrugating Co.

Notes and Queries

Business and Personal

An Ice House


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