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Making Roads

The Queen of England's Cottage at Cannes

Building Plans and Specifications

Useful Hints Relating to House Building

The New Law Courts, Birmingham

New Way of Building Cement Walls under Water

Cold Room for Eggs, Etc.

A Cottage (Shown in April Number) after Enlargement

A Residence at Orange, N. J.

Removing Paint

Embossed Wood

A Twenty-Five Hundred Dollar Cottage

Knotting and its Uses

Strength of Paris Plaster

Matthias' Design for the Grant Mausoleum

Items Relating to Paints

Apartment House, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Water Back Explosions

A Two Thousand Dollar House

Heating by Hot Water Circulation

Architectural Wood Turing

Ready Mixed Paints

The Gate City Stone Filter

An Eastlake Cottage

A New Ruler and Section Liner

The M. H. Jacobs Co.'s Furnace

Local Board Offices

Wood Drying Experiments

Shrinking of Seasoned Timber

A Double House of Moderate Cost

Cement Buildings

A $3,500 Cottage

Hotel at Mentone

Iron Ceilings

Artificial Rubies

Architectural Excellence

The Acropolis of Athens

Rose Covered Porches

By T. W. Girdlestone

Gelatine Moulds for Reproductions of Carving

Raising the Old United States Court House in Boston

Paper Roofs

Design for a Seaside Cottage


Floors and Ceilings: Ancient and Modern

By C. Powell Karr

Built-up Doors

A Dwelling of Moderate Cost

Staining Wood

Moulds for Romano-British Coinage

Heating by the Combination of Warm Air and Steam

Design for a $5,000 Church

Building Construction in Winter

Wesleyan Chapel, Whitmore Reans, Wolverhampton

Shelter Belts and Hedge Screens

How to Finish in Natural Wood

St. Augustine, Florida

Bursting of Lead Pipes

Tin Roofing

Reservoir with Automatic Valve

Planing Mill Construction

Improved Variety Moulder

Business and Personal

Costs of Different Kinds of Walls

How to Grain Walnut

Imitation Stone

Notes and Queries


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