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Business and Personal

Notes and Queries

Hints to Correspondents

Building Plans and Specifications

Architectural Education

Creosote Wood Preserving Stains

A Twelve Hundred Dollar Home

A Five Thousand Dollar Residence

Carriage House and Stable

A Cottage on Riverside Park, New York

The Sliver Birch

Store and Stable

Dwellings at Evanston, Ill.

The Architect and House Drainage

A Dwelling for Three Thousand Dollars

Failure of the New York Plumbers' Strike

A Residence at Orange, New Jersey

Seasoned Lumber

A Three Thousand Dollar House

A Building Union in Chicago

An Ancient Theater

The House of John Dryden

Stability of Walls at Openings

Egyptian Reliefs

A Suburban Residence

Heathcourt, Maidenhead

Floors and Ceilings: Ancient and Modern

By C. Powell Karr

Portugal Laurels by the Seaside

The Tower of Belem

Enameled Brick of Different Colors

The Equitable Building, New York

Preservative Fire-Proof Paint

Restoration of Roman Ruin at Reims, France

A Wooden Tower nearly 1,000 Feet High

Warner's Improved Dry Plate Holder

Unloading Grain

Copper as a Roofing Material

Waxing Floors

Georg Ebers

Palms for Room Decoration

The Larch as a Lawn Tree

By W. Goldring

The Edelweiss

Cast Iron Beams under Repeated Impacts

A Hungarian Villa

A Good Floor

Cathedral of Notre Dame, Paris

Cheap Steel Girders

Exposition of Fine Arts at Venice

The Metropolitan Museum Addition, Central Park, New York

Root Choking of Drains


To Transfer Prints to Wood


Tree Growth

Churches of Moderate Cost

The Vast Sums of Money Expended by Builders

National Association of Builders of the United States

Earthen Drains

End Wood Flooring

The Florida Steam Heater

The Mason Reducing Valve

The N. Y. Central Iron Works


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