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Residence, Corner of Eighth Avenue and Berkeley Street, Brooklyn

Seven-Foot-Four Circulars

Building Plans and Specifications

A Twelve Hundred Dollar Double House


The Court House and Post Office, Montpelier, VT.

The Carnegie Free Library, Allegheny City, PA.

Items for Builders

The National Agricultural Exposition

Preservation of Woodwork

A. Woodpecker's Sugar Bush

A Car Load

The Cogswell Polytechnic College

Roofing Slate

Sand in Plaster

One Safe Theater

A Forty-Five Hundred Dollar Dwelling

A New York House

How to Increase your Wages

Good Water Promotes Good Health

An English Double House

A Portable Scaffolding

A Continental Cottage

Etruscan Tombs

Floors and Ceilings: Ancient and Modern

By C. Powell Karr

Whitewash and Fire

Apparatus for Testing Lime and Cements

How Lamp Chimneys are Made

Why Pipes Burst

The Largest Vase in the World

A Cottage of Moderate Cost

A Church of Moderate Cost

An English Laundry

An Austrian Villa

Mud Architecture in Persia

Tomb of Colonel Herbinger, Mont Parnasse Cemetery, Paris

Window Glass


Selections of Carved Work from the New Hotel de Ville, Paris

The Chinese Wall

Painted Plate Glass Mirrors

Flour Adulterations

Engine Room at Ferguslie Mills, Paisley

A Confectioner's Building

About Kerosene Oil

A Waterproofing Process for Stone

A French Villa at Enghien-Les-Bains, France

Paper car Wheels

Staining and Finishing Common Woods


Artificial Asphalt

The College of the City of New York—The Technical Course

Plumber's Trap

Naval Architecture during the Last Half Century

Improved Bevel

An American's Jubilee Gift

Planting of Trees and Shrubs

Disinfection for the Household

Bedroom Decoration

Beat Effects in Paper

The Home of Milton

Stained Glass

Temporary Bridges

“Hydrofuge” Floors

Adamant Wall Plaster

Business and Personal

Laddering a Tall Chimney

Notes and Queries

Passenger Lift for the Eiffel Tower


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