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Building Plans and Specifications

Specifications and Estimate for a Twelve Hundred Dollar Cottage –Colored Plate, September, 1887

Specifications, Estimate, and Bill of Materials for a Southern Residence of Moderate Cost, shown in Colored Plate, September, 1887

Gardens at Railway Stations

Use of Gas Tar

Removal of a Dividing Wall

A $5,000 Dwelling

Plate Glass

A $3,500 Cottage

A Country Store Costing $2,000

A Residence Costing $4,000

Of Food Economy before the American Association

A Dwelling Costing $4,200

Removing Grease from Boilers

An $1,800 Cottage

Practical use of Marble

By Arthur Lee

A New Composition

A School House and Nursery

The Ideal House of the Future

A Seashore or Beach House

Preservation of Wood by Lime

Exhibition of Building Materials, Brussels

Chimneys of the Ancients

Tenement Houses of Moderate Cost

Vermont Marbles

By Arthur Lee

Snow Sheds on the Cascade Mountains

Suburban Houses

An Ohio Dwelling

The Corner Finish

Brick Dust Cement

The Pietsch House Trap


Excavating in Frozen Ground

Design for a Bank Building

Caen Stone

A Cottage at Cambridge, Mass

Wood Carpet

To Obtain One's Bearings with a Watch

The Chimney Top


(Amaranthus Caudatus Gibbosus)

An American Cottage in London


Industries and Handicrafts in Central Africa

Residence of C. C. Bloomfield, Esq., Jackson, Mich

Winter Palaces

Pedestal Tenoner

Silo Building

Moulders' Sand

The Pyramids

Stables with Horizontal Floors

Failure of Concrete Dock Works

Small City Dwellings, Paris

Measurement of Masonry

Male's Design for the Grant Monument

Minute Writing

An Improved Ventilating Fan

Business and Personal

Cement Testing Machine

Gladstone Bricks

Notes and Queries

The “Alderly” and “Penn” Old Method Roofing Plates

The Shaw & Geary Iron Frame Bells


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