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Optical Refinements in Architecture

A Tower on the Mount of Olives

The Shakespeare Memorial at Stratford-Upon-Avon

Testing Pile-Protecting Compounds

To our Readers and Patrons

A Suburban Residence

A Large Contract for Roofing Plate

A Dwelling of Moderate Cost

A Correction

Our Forestry Problem

A French Cottage

A Residence for $8,000

Bamboo Tree

Roadside Plantations of Trees in Belgium

Fireproof Structures

Construction of Chimney Flues

An Egyptian Temple


The White Ash

Improvements in making Portland Cement

Fire Bricks

Dwellings at Glenridge

An Unsafe Church

Typhoid Fever Carried by Well Water

Cedar Pavements


Collapse of Walls of Burning Buildings

A $2,500 California House

The Architectural Era

Blue Marking Ink for Boxes, Bales, Etc.

Look to Your Drain Pipes and Wells

How to Build an Ice House

Chateau at Castelnaudary

Rabbit Remedy


Arch Construction

Miss Florence Nightingale's Home

Tube Chimes

Removal of Chimneys


New Form of Chimes for Churches

Iron Beams in Place of Wood

Homes of Factory Operatives

Gangways v. Staircases

Roburite—A New Explosive

Pine Woods

Bathing Establishment and Casino in Vittel (Vosges) Built by Charles Garnier, Architect, of Paris

Thomas Ustick Walter

The Back Yard

How we have Grown

A Good Suggestion

Sketch for a Cottage

A $4,200 Dwelling

The John Crouse Memorial College for Women

How a Marble Statue is Made

Proportions of Rooms

A Stable Costing $5,500

A Residence for $5,000

A Great Building

A Cottage for $4,200

Plants for Room Decoration

Not Defective Plumbing

Notes and Queries

The Charter Gas and Gasoline Engine

The Popular “Fortune” Hot Air Furnace

The Sounding Board in St. Paul's Cathedral

The Wainwright Horizontal Feed-Water Heater

An Improved Double Surface Planer

An Improved Hand and Foot Power Band Saw

Business and Personal

Foundations in Wet Ground

How to make a Cheerful Foreside


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    December 01, 1887