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A Residence in Michigan

To our Readers and Patrons

Keep out the Water

A Garden Pavilion

Improvement in Frescoing

A Dwelling of Moderate Cost

American Architecture of Fifty Years Ago


Residences at Springfield, Mass.

A Dwelling for $5,600

A Dwelling for $3,200

Decision on a Building Contract

The Creosoting of Wood

A House for $3,800

A Church for $3,500

Life of Iron Pipes

Sanitary Arrangements in a Country House

A Deer or Donkey House

Carriage House for $150

Pinus Parviflora

Spots upon Plaster Ceilings

The Architectural League

The Murphy System

Straight and Curved Lines in Architecture

Painting Iron Work

Utility and Beauty in Architecture

Private Residence of M. Grevy, Ex-President of France

A Dwelling of Small Cost

A Residence in Minneapolis

Railroad Snow Sheds

Frost Glass

How Mirrors are Made

New Evangelical Church, Riedlingen

Diminution and Entasis of Columns

Clay Roofing Tile

The New Masonic Temple at Newport, Ky.

A Sewer Stopped by Tree Roots

A Dwelling for $2,900

A Residence at Chattanooga, Tenn.

The Great Hotels of St Augustine, Fla.

New Plan for a Storage Warehouse

Gas Fire Radiator

The Building and Decorative Stones of Egypt

A Hand Furniture Polish

A House Costing $7,000

Architects, Client and Builders

Bristol Cathedral

Sewer Poison

The Mortimer Apartment House

House Heating

Metallic Roofing

Prevention of Fire in Theaters

The New York Safety Dumb, Waiter

“Unique” Screw-Holding Screw Driver

Boiling Brick in Tar

The Wooden Railways of the United States


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