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Interior Decorations

A Cottage for $1,900

The Caldwell Hotel at Birmingham, ALA

A Residence of Moderate Cost

Trees for Marsh and Mountain

A House Costing $3,200

A Dwelling for $2,800

A $4,500 House

A Dwelling for $2,200

Rats and Matches

A Dwelling for $4,500

Wood, Plaster, and Concrete

A City House of Moderate Cost

A Dwelling in New Haven, Conn

A Country House in Connecticut

Bulbous Plants for Apartments

Color in Greek Temples

Drawings from the Architectural League

Fever from Sewer Gas

New use for Dynamite

A Seaside Residence

Wall Plates

The Underpinning of the Great Yarmouth Town Hall

Economical Homes

A Relic of Old London

Town Hall or Church

Dry and Damp Rot

Sawdust and Shavings

The Capitol Building, Albany, N. Y

Moss for Plants

The Rose Acacia for Walls

A Vicarage

Steam and Hot Water Heaters, Steam Supplies, Etc.

The Reed Rocking Grate

Wood's Patent Extension Plumb and Level

The Dunning Hot Water Boiler

Electric Light Cables and Insulated Wires

Roofing Tin

The New York Safety Dumb Walter

The Painting of Iron Roofs


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