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Boston Hot Water

Moving the Brighton Beach Hotel

Naval Carrier Pigeons

House for a Knoll

Roofs for Mills

A Six Thousand Dollar House

The Genesis of a Tornado

A Residence at Holyoke, Mass.

German-American Real Estate Title Guarantee Company

A Combined Rain Water Cut-Off and Filter

A Residence in Springfield, Mass.

A Millstone Recipe

The Orange Heights Hotel

A Dwelling in Rochester, N. Y.

Lumber Trade Notes

A Residence in Minneapolis

Warming and Ventilating

A Country House of Moderate Cost

Design for a Frame Dwelling

Grant Memorial Competition

Paint for Fresh Cement

The Arkansas Dry Kiln

A $1,500 Cottage

Foreign made Joinery

Repairing of Foundation Walls

Floor Paints

New Government Buildings

Large Dams

Preservation of Timber

A Substantial Dwelling

Quick Work

Enemies to Varnish

A Dwelling for $2,500

Filling for Floors

Two Modern Dwellings

Wooden Water Pipes

A $2,200 House

A Sanitary Heating Apparatus

Ready Mixed Paints

The Prentice Patent Metallic Hip Shingle

The Ridgway Refrigerator System

H. W. Johns Manufacturing Company


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