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A Cottage of Moderate Cost

A Suburban Dwelling

Details for our Colored Plates

An Improved Pantograph

Design for a Museum

Park Areas



The Chimney Shaft

The Age of the Stars

Wood that will not Blaze

A Suburban Cottage at Fordham Heights, New York City

Many others like It

A Queen Anne for $1,400

Turning and Polishing Marble

Bricks of Blown Glass

Cottage at Jekyl Island, Ga.

Villas and their Doorways

Decorative Joinery

Design for a Carriage House and Barn

A $2,000 Cottage

The Law of Trespass

Lich Gate or Entrance to a Cemetery

The Chapel of the Pocito, Mexico

A Church at Nashville, Tenn.

Water for Household Use

Hydraulic Mortars and Cements

A Cottage for $1,850

The Durango Tunnel

A Row of Twelve Hundred Dollar Houses at Kingsbridge, New York City

The New U. S. Post Office Building at Houston, Tex.

U. S. Court House and Post Office, Troy, N. Y.

Slate Bricks

The New U. S. Court House and Post Office at Williamsport, Pa.

The New U. S. Court House and Post Office, Chattanooga, Tenn.

A $400 Cottage

Houses in Seville

Shells as a Decorative Element

The Oldest Cottage at Asbury Park

Ancient and Modern Mortars

Modern House at a Cost of $2,000

Treatment of Hardwood Floors

A Cottage for $1,050

A Selection of Lilies

Undesirable Town Houses

A Pleasant Cottage

The New United States Court House and Post Office, Oshkosh, Wis.

Cheap Buildings in China

Richmond's Victor Steam Heater

An Economical Steam and Hot-Water Heating Boiler

Vermont Merino Sheep

An Improved Dumb Waiter

A Composite Steel Wire Door Mat

Improved Fans, Ventilators, Etc., for Buildings and for Mechanical Uses

Cook's New Extension Beam Trammels

Domestic Conveniences Possible with a Hand Force Pump

How to Fit up a Recess

New Variety Moulder or Shaper

The Boynton Furnaces, Ranges, and Heaters


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