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The Galliera Museum, Paris

Architectural League, Fourth Annual Exhibition, Fifth Avenue Galleries, New York

A Country Dwelling

Restoration of the Doge's Palace

A Residence at Rutherford, N. J.

The Jay Gould Tomb

The Broken Timber Raft

Queen Anne Cottage at Flatbush, Long Island

Raising Columns of St. Isaac's Cathedral, St. Petersburg

A Carriage House for $1,000

Tarred Bricks

A House for $3,000


A Suburban Club House

Repairing a Well

Pompeian Houses

A Boat House of Moderate Cost

Finish for Pine

A Residence at Orange, N. J.


Architecture as a Profession

A Block of $l,800 Houses

The National Association of Builders

How Best to Light our Country Homes and Resorts

Larch Lumber

Hints on Plumbing and Cellars

The Thomson-Houston Motor for Street Cars

The Fatal Climate of Panama

Improved Hoist for Passenger or Freight Elevators

Improvements in the “Gorton” Boiler

Notes and Queries

Pipe Wrench

Projected Sash and Blind Factory

Tool Cabinet

Universal Bevel Protractor

California Slate

Clark's New Anti-Friction Caster


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    February 01, 1889

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