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A Dwelling for $4,000

Something for Architects and Builders to Remember

Nathaniel J. Bradlee

Interior Finish

Colored Decoration of Churches

A Residence of Moderate Cost

A Modified Queen Anne

The Home of Peter the Great at Zaandam

The New Great Indian Peninsular Railway Victoria Terminal Buildings, Bombay

A Cottage at Roseville, New Jersey

The New Biological Laboratory, Princeton College

On Estimating

Cottage at East Orange

A Residence at Roseville

A Residence at Fordham Heights

The Orange Valley Church

Crushing of Masonry

Trinity Church, Denver

The Oldest Architectural Drawing

Flexible Foundations

Wall Paper Decorations


The Oldest Timber

Treatment of the Ceiling

The Teredo

A Carriage House

Repetition of Ornament

Compressive Strength of Bricks and Piers

An Excellent System of Heating

The Thomson-Houston Electric System for Street Railways

The Human Breath a Poison

The Ball High Speed Engine

Beading, Rabbet, Slitting, and Matching Plane

Carpenter's Vise

Corrugated Iron Lath

H. W. Johns' Liquid Paints

Metallic Hip Shingles

Notes and Queries

Soapstone Laundry Tubs and Kitchen Sinks

The Sturtevant System of Heating and Ventilating

Weather Vanes, Roof Ornaments, Etc.


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    April 01, 1889