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A $10,000 Residence

Temple of Marcus Aurelius, at Dugga

Mohammed II. and his Architect

By Eylia Efendi

Building Trades Associations

A Residence for $6,000

A Residence at Natchez, Miss.

A House for $1,200

Monument to Admiral de Coligny

The Separate Sewer System

Plans and Specifications

A House for $5,500

Woodlands, Sevenoaks

U. S. Court House and Post Office, Savannah, Ga.

Examine the School Buildings

Church of the Angels, Los Angeles, California

A Residence of Moderate Cost

Apartment House of Moderate Cost

Experiments with Hedges

A Dwelling for $3,500 to $3,800

The Railway Station at Englewood


How Creosote Affects Chimney Flues

A Dwelling for $6,600

A London Fire Engine Station

An Englewood Cottage

Chicago Foundations

The Tonib of Alexander the Great

The Queen of England's Dairy

Potsdam Red Sandstone

Large Contract for Building Stone

Large Girders

Decline in Immigration

Wrought Iron Fence Pickets

Mental Sanitation

House-Heating Boilers

An Improved Hot Water Heater

An Improved Sash Pulley


Government Test of Woods

New Station at Hartford, Conn.

Notes and Queries

The Arch of Aurelius at Tripoli


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    September 01, 1889

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