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A Cottage to Cost $1,300

The Cathedral of Seville

Brown and Red Sandstone, of Connecticut

By Harrison W. Lindsley

A Residence Costing from $4,000 to $6,000

A Gothic Cottage to Cost $1,950

A Cottage for $1,950

The Best Roses

Scaffold Bracket

Raising Grape Vines

Practical Men

Plans and Specifications

A Residence for $3,800

A Pigeon House

A Cottage for $2,000

Drugstore Architecture and Decorations

Wood Carving and Furniture

The First American Marble Quarry

Decoration for Ceiling

Trees Growing on Towers

Black Granite

Spokane Granite


Christ Church, East orange, N. J.

Building in Colorado

Improved Road Rollers

Sewage Works for Large and Small Towns

The Kingston Sewage Works

A $6,500 Residence

A Cottage for $5,000

A House for $4,000

A Residence at Larchmont Manor

A Residence for $5,500

New Post Office and U. S. Court House, Asheville, N. C.

Strength of Stone Masonry

By I. O. Baker

An Interior Enamel

The “Amines” Process of Sewage Purification

Responsibilities of French Architects

Ornamental Villas and Grounds

The Burning of Rome

Antique Carved Furniture and Woodwork

The Black Birch (Betula nigra)

Rock Asphalt Pavement

Hall Chimney Piece, by Messrs W. Walker & Sons

Drives and Walks

Mammoth Walnut Burl

Notes and Queries

Ratchet Auger Handle

The Roof

Transits for Architects and Carpenters


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    November 01, 1889

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