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A Cottage at Newark, N. J.

Houses of Moderate Cost at Newark, N. J.

A Round End House

A Residence on Riverside Park, N. Y.

A Pennsylvania Cottage

A Residence at Brookline, Mass.

Designs for Stables

An Iron Earthquake Church, Manila

An Easily made Piazza

The Pabst Building, Milwaukee

The Collapse of the Y. M. C. A. Building at Montreal

Ancient Mines of Greece

A $1,500 Cottage

The Saint Jerome Chapel

St. John's M. E. Church, New Rochelle

A Cottage of Moderate Cost

A Cottage on Staten Island

The Plain Design is the Best

Plans and Specifications

New Dwellings on Seventy-Seventh Street, New York City

Iron and Steel Roofing

Improved Wood Working Machinery

Architect of the Woman's Building

An Improved Hot-Air Furnace

A Millionaire's Residence

A Proposed Universal Building Law

An Improved Tenoning Machine

Graphite Grease

Inside Sliding Blinds

Lightning Rods

Properly Anchoring Beams in Walls

The Cudell Trap

Windmills to Supply Water for Houses, Etc.


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    August 01, 1891

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