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A Residence at Bridgeport, Conn.

A Cottage at Fordham Heights

A Residence at Fordham Heights, New York

Cottage at Springfield, Mass.

A Cottage of Moderate Cost

Sheet Iron Plates for Gothic Arches

A New Rochelle Villa

The Lucas Building

A Carriage House

Carriage House and Stable

A Cottage in Rosalie Court, Chicago

A Row of Philadelphia Houses

Dwelling at Longwood, Mass.

The Masonic Temple, Chicago

A Dwelling at Newark



An Improved Hand Circular Rip Saw

An Improved Hot Water Heater

Genuine American Terne Plates

Cook's Luminous Level Tube

Porches, Windows, Stairs

The Sykes Metallic Roofing

An Improved Band Resaw

Fox's Barb Wire Post

The “Florida” Steam and Hot Water Heaters


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    October 01, 1891

    Confronting Common Wisdom