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A $2,500 House

A Staten Island Cottage

A Residence at Rochelle Park

A Residence at Larchmont Manor

A Residence at Asbury Park

A Cottage at Plainfield, N. J.

A Cottage at Asbury Park

Clover Honey

A Cottage at Chester Hill, New York

A House at Fordham Heights

Fire Precautions in Building

What Taste with a Little Money may Accomplish

Floor Painting

Wrought Iron Gate

The Japanese House

Simple Precautions against Fire and Rats

Plan Designing


A Memorial Church

The Postmaster-General's Bricks

Plans and Specifications

Fireproof Buildings

Architecture in Relation to Hygiene

An Improved Mechanical Stylus

Some Novel Effects in Paper Hangings

An Improved Wood-Working Machine

An Improved Tenoning Machine

An Improved Dumb Waiter

An Improved Swing Cut-Off Saw

Power Hack Saw

The Byrkit-Hall Sheathing and Lath


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    November 01, 1891