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A Cottage at Asbury Park, New Jersey

A Cottage at Seaside Park

A Cottage for $1,500

A Residence at Cleveland, O.

A Dwelling for $1,900

A Colonial House at Portland, Maine

Lawn Planting: How to do it and what to Avoid

A Queen Anne Cottage

A Cottage of Moderate Cost

An Ornamental Chimney Piece

The Odd Fellows' Temple, Chicago

A Suggestion for Inventors


An English Cottage

Timber in Damp Places


A Residence near New York

The Taper of Chimneys

They Bought Burning Houses

Low Ceilings

A Residence at East Park, McKeesport, PA.

Stained Cypress

An Improved Woodworking Machine

A Fine Machine for Cabinet Shops

Graphic Representation of Strains

Swezey's Dumb Waiter

A New Woodworking Machine

The Baths of Diocletian

The Diamond Match Company

An Improved Door Hanger

Notes and Queries

The Stanley Plumb and Level


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