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A Cottage at New Rochelle

Design for an Organ

A Residence at Montclair, N. J.

A Residence at Bridgeport

A Residence at Bensonhurst, Long Island

A Cottage on the Maine Coast

A Mountain Side Residence

The Speed of Elevators

The Secret of a Good Memory


An Asbury Park Cottage

A Cemetery Chapel of Moderate Cost

Richmond Hill Congregational Church and Parsonage, Bournemouth

Plastering Composition

Design for a Family Burial Vault

A Vertical Double Spindle Shaping Machine

Wet Screens for Ventilating Duets

Shadow as Element of Design

Irrigation in Nevada

Artificial Building Stone

A Plumber's Blast Furnace

An Improved Wood Working Machine

Notes and Queries

The Andrews Metal Chair

The Stearns Hinge


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    April 01, 1892