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A Summer Cottage at Diamond Island

A Residence at Bridgeport, Connecticut

A One Story Brick Cottage

A Cottage near Portland, Maine

Examples of English Interior Decorations and Furnishings

An Entrance Hall


Household Pests

Plans and Specifications

Design for a Stair Hall

Curious Foundations

Country Residences near New York City

An Albany House

A Suburban Dwelling

The Keynote of an Auditorium

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church, New York

Don't Turn the Exhaust into the Sewer

A House for $1,100

A California Residence

To keep Iron Pipes from Rusting

The Senate Chamber New Decorations

The Manchester Palace of Varieties

Floors and their Finish

Bedroom Furnishing

The Compensation of Architects

Moderate Price Screens

French Observations on American Construction

Fine Proofing Receipts

Notes and Queries

A Speaking Tube and Eariphone

An Improved Hot Water Heater

Diamond Wall Finish


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    May 01, 1892

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