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A House at Montclair, New Jersey

A Cottage of Moderate Cost

A Colonial Residence

A Church at Chester Hill, New York

A Carriage House

Tomb of Wellington

A Residence near Newark, New Jersey

A Residence at Rutherford, New Jersey

A Dwelling at Rutherford, New Jersey

Scarlet Runner Beans

Plans and Specifications

A Summer Cottage

A Staten Island Cottage

A Row of New York City Houses


The Three Temples at Sbeitla, North Africa

By Alexander Graham

Testing a Horse for Lameness


The House of Commons

Fruit Culture at Barham Court

Wood and Iron Stairway at the National Library

A New Heater Manufacturing Plant

Well-Made Chairs and Rockers

Various Doctrines of Water Rights

Improved Bath Heater

An Ornamental Wood-Working Machine

An Improved Heater

An Improved Mortiser and Borer

An Improved Variety Wood Worker


Notes and Queries


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    August 01, 1892

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