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White Brick

A Colonial Residence


The Church of Moret

A House at Mont Clair, New Jersey

The Coming Age of Marble

A Cottage on Chester Hill, Mount Vernon, N. Y.

English Country Houses

How to keep out the Heat in Summer and keep it in the Winter

A Dwelling at Holyoke, Mass.

A Cottage and Separate Summer Kitchen

Plans and Specifications

A House for Two Families

A Residence at South Orange, N. J.

A Cottage at Fanwood, New Jersey

Closet Door Fastenings

The Parsonage at Mont Clair, New Jersey

A Right-of-Way may be Built Over

Safety Crane

Stanley Plumbs and Levels

A Great Tunnel

An Improved Range and Heater

Railway Window Sashes

A Fine Steel Ceiling

About Floors

Inside Sliding Blinds

An Improved Door Hanger


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October 01, 1892

Complex Causes. Alternative Solutions.