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A Residence at Cranford, New Jersey

Stone Arches of Large Span

City Residences, New York

Aluminum Fronts

Decorative Paintings

A Cottage at Dubuque

The Secret of Good Lime Mortar

A Summer Cottage at Asbury Park, N. J.

Plans and Specifications

A Colonial Residence

A Residence at Cranford, N. J.

A Double Dwelling at Springfield, Mass.

Painting the World's Fair Exposition

A Residence at Asbury Park, New Jesery

Girls' Dormitory, Roble Hall, Stanford University

St. James' Lutheran Church, New York City


A Prehistoric Temple

An Improved Gang Sawmill

An Improved Parallel Swing Saw

A Statue of Columbus in Stamped Copper

A New Screw Pitch Gauge

Special Improved Band Saw Guide

Notes and Queries

An Improved Spring Hinge

Appropriate and Beautiful Wall Paper Decorations

Aluminum Alloy Metal


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