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A Residence at New Haven, Conn.

A Residence at Hartford, Conn.

A Cottage at Bridgeport, Conn.

A Colonial Residence at Stamford, Conn.

A Cottage at Boston, Mass.

A Dwelling at Stamford, Conn.

A Dwelling at Chester Hill, Mt. Vernon, N. Y.

A Cottage at Mystic, Conn.

Hints to Readers

The Latest and Best Designs for Houses

The Education of Customers

Tests of Paving Materials

Labor Day

How to Catch Contracts

The World's Columbian Exhibition: A General View

The Builder's Friend

The Pasteur Filter

A Stove-Pipe Radiator

A Durable and Ornamental Roof

An Improved Wood-Working Machine

The Rochester Parlor Heater and Improved Oil Stove

Torsion Braided Wire Mattresses, Pillows, Cushions, Etc., Shown at the Exposition

Wood-Working Machinery at the Fair

Notes and Queries

A New Building Material

An Electric Passenger Elevator at the Exposition


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    December 01, 1893