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A Residence at Bridgeport, Conn.


A Residence at Mt. Vernon, N. Y.

A Cottage at Brookline, Mass.

A Cottage at Cranford, N. J.

A Suburban Dwelling

A Residence at Buena Park, Chicago, Ill.

New Schoolhouse, Elizabeth, N. J.

A Rival to Oak

House at Elizabeth, N. J.

A Town Library of Moderate Cost

Water Tanks


Miscellaneous Weights

Seaside Painting

Improve your Property

A House at Cambridge, Mass.

Peruvian Ruins

Restorations of the Pantheon of Rome

Improved Gas Grate

Facts for Builders

Ornamental Iron and Brass Works

The Goetz Box Anchors, Post Caps and Hangers

Patent Stair Gauge

Improved Square Chisel Mortiser and Borer

Climax Gas Machine

Notes and Queries

Improved Drawing Instruments


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